Forthcoming Demonstrations,
Workshops and Exhibitions

If you would like Susan to give a demonstration and talk at your art group please contact Susan at or by calling 07811142014

19 May


16 July

Tindalls Art Shop, Colchester, 10am-4pm (demo)

Capel St. Mary Art Club, 10am-3pm (workshop)

Susan Boddy

Susan regularly holds demonstrations at local art groups, focussing on a particular aspect of technique or style.
During the inspirational demonstrations she is always ready to answer questions and offer guidance to suit your abilities.


10am - 12.30pm

All Day

2pm - 4.30pm

7pm - 9.30pm

10am - 4pm

£65 per session

£130 per day

29 May

Roxwell Art Club, Limited Palette, 2-4.30pm (demo)

31 May

Pebmarsh Art Club, Figures, 10am-3.30pm (workshop)

27 October
29 October

Writtle Art Group, 10am-12pm (workshop)

Tindalls Art Shop, Colchester, 10am-4pm  Figures (demo)


29 January

Dunmow Art Group, 2-4.30pm  Acrylics and Mixed Media (workshop)

14 February

Ongar (demo)

26 September
25 October

Marks Tey Art Group, 1-3pm Reflections (workshop)

Roothings Art Group, 10.15am-12.15pm (demo)

14 November

Woodbridge Art Group, 7.30-9pm  Figures (demo)

3 December

Dedham Art Group, 2-4.30pm  Figures (demo)

27 February

Boreham (workshop)

21 February

Orwell Art Club, 7.15-9pm Acrylic Figures (demo)

7 March

Chelmsford Art Club, Acrylic Figures (demo)

Prices for 2019: £75 per session, £150 per day