Summer Poppies (ink only)

Chinese Lanterns I (ink and pastel)

On Mundesley Beach

White Orchids

This Morning’s Catch

Brighton Buskers

Boats on Aldeburgh Beach

Porthgwidden Beach

Still life with Jug, Pumpkin and Fruit

Acrylic Method


There are many approaches to this way of painting and many tools to use. I work with acrylic paint, acrylic inks, oil pastels, water soluble pastels, collage, tissue and newspaper for textured surfaces, pen, texture gels etc. Also there are many supports to experiment with – mount board, hot pressed watercolour paper, canvas, acrylic paper etc. Different subjects lend themselves to different media. In fact the more carefully you choose your media, the more effective the finished painting will be.



Some subjects are more effective with acrylic on their own.


I also like to introduce some collage and texture (which can be in sympathy with the subject) - this can make the finished painting more interesting.


There are now many texture gels and mediums to use which can enhance the subject of a painting.


My approach to a subject in mixed media is to choose only two or three painting or drawing tools eg. using only ink and pastel, or collage and acrylic paint,
collage and pen, colour harmony etc. Essentially I look at the blocks of colours within a subject, apply those with inks or diluted, transparent acrylic paint and then start to resolve certain areas with thick opaque acrylic paint. It is important not to over paint a picture but to leave some areas unresolved
and also to allow some of the textured paper to show through. I think a successful painting is made up of transparent paint and thicker opaque paint.
This semi abstract approach makes the finished painting more lively and more exciting for the viewer.


My inspiration comes from artists such as Soraya French and Mike Bernard.

Susan Boddy